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Today I am going to introduce you to a small part of a very handy tool.  Firebug console.

For those that don’t know what firebug is:

Firebug is an extension for firefox.  It is a great way to examine the elements of a page and see what class are being applied to them.  It allows you to change the properties of those classes and see what the changes do before ever committing the changes to a css sheet.  It was and still is an amazing tool when trying to get the display just right.  I would say it has saved me months of time by allowing me to make small incremental changes in the browser and then commit them to the stylesheets.  Instead of having to make small changes to the stylesheets, save, upload, then rinse and repeat until the page is perfect.

About a year or so ago I was watching a video by Paul Irish looking at the jquery source code (yes I am that big of a geek) and he did something amazing. Using firebug he was able to prototype javascript functions and execute them in the browser.  I have done it once or twice since and I am starting to find it a huge time saver for development.

Let me walk you through my most recent development.  It’s pretty short but very useful.

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