Many web sites claim to serve their communities but are simply attempts to capitalize on a group for profit without actually understanding or being a part of that community.

At Insider House, we do things differently – we create communities based on those areas in which we, ourselves, participate. Our first and flagship site, Model Insider, was created to serve the needs of the Internet modeling and photography community. We are avid photographers, ourselves, and have been participants in the online photography community since its inception (as is evidenced by our low membership numbers at most of the community sites). We created Model Insider because we felt that there was a lack of genuine community concern, especially at many of the more commercial sites.

Our second community and first expansion of our platform is The Rocky Horror Picture Show Online Community at and the improvement of the long-standing Rocky Horror FAQ at In this area, too, we are members of the community first and foremost, having been involved in the Rocky Horror Picture Show as fans, cast members and even cast leaders since the mid 1980′s. We participated in the original Usenet newsgroup (alt.cult-films.rocky-horror) since its inception and even helped guide its use during its long and storied lifespan.

We are in the final stages of preparing even more communities for 2012, and will be expanding in a big way!

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